Our Products

As an independently owned cannabis distributor in Sylvan Lake and Rimbey, we prefer a customer experience that feels right for everyone. That’s why our shop offers a discreet, clean, comfortable, and inviting setting where there is no pressure or judgment. And it’s all handled by local people that you can trust for a friendly and helpful customer experience.

We offer a wide range of affordable products and if you have any questions, our trained and knowledgeable team of Cannabis Consultants are eager to help. Choose from a selection of items from regulated producers through the Canadian government, including craft growers, so we can ensure superior quality in all that we offer. And make sure you check out our periodic sales and promotional offers.


From Sativa to Indica to Hybrids, Oz Cannabis has a great selection to choose from to meet your needs and budget in every way.

Vapes, Oils & Extracts

Other products available for your preferred consumption include vape cartridges, hash, shatter, oils, and caps. 


With flavourful gummies, chocolate, and candies available in assorted flavours, forms and different potencies to choose from, you can have a delicious option for your cannabis solutions.


Enjoy the beverage flavour you like and ensure you receive a pre-measured dose of exactly what you need.


We carry a great selection of hand blown glass pipes, rolling trays, bongs, pens, batteries and more to assist you in getting the most out of your cannabis consumption.

We not only help you find the right cannabis products in Sylvan Lake and Rimbey, but we also enjoy supporting local businesses and artisans to engage our community.

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